About Viet Thien Tea Company

Viet Thien Tea is one of the leading units in the field of Bao Loc tea and coffee production at wholesale prices in Vietnam today. Starting from a traditional tea processing business… Then in turn expanding distribution agents and tea production throughout the provinces of Vietnam. For many years in a row, winning the title of Vietnamese high-quality goods well-received by consumers, playing the role of Bao Loc’s main Tea and Coffee Production brand at good prices with the goal of exporting Vietnamese goods and developing the market. Vietnam.

Specializing in wholesale and retail sale of all kinds of Natural Flavored Tea that are marinated according to a long-standing heirloom recipe

Viet Thien Tea

With over 20 years of experience in the famous tea processing industry in Thai Nguyen, who migrated to the Central Highlands to establish a career,  Viet Thien Tea  constantly improves the quality of food safety and hygiene.  Teas are  always updated according to the latest trends. in order to meet the taste of each region and the unique characteristics of each line of Bao Loc Tea produced for the market, always ensuring safety criteria for health and reasonable prices for Vietnamese people.


With the desire to constantly expand the market – sustainable development, Viet Thien strives to become a company specializing in the production and export of high-value tea and coffee in Vietnam. Vietnamese class and quality, well received by domestic and international markets – bringing Vietnamese tea culture to the world.

Core values

For customers: Committed to doing business ethically, providing quality products and best-in-class support services. For employees: Building a professional working environment, creating all conditions for employees to develop their careers, increase incomes and improve their lives For society: Actively contribute to community-oriented activities community, showing a sense of responsibility towards society

Field of activity

Producing and trading in tea, coffee and Bao Loc specialties